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Thank you for your interest in leading a small group at Kent Christian Center! It's a great responsibility to lead, but we're excited to partner with you and make it a simple process. Once you submit your idea we'll get in touch with you to have a conversation and if approved we'll start promoting your group to the church for people to join!

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We were made for community! Our desire for small groups is to be a time of great connection amongst all of us as well as to the Lord through different activities, hobbies, studies, etc.

Small groups take place all year round and we're always ready to connect with YOU about joining or leading a small group!

Small group examples:

- Bible study     - Coffee shop meet ups

- Mom & kid's hangout     - Video series study

- Theology Studies    - Finical Peace University Book Study

- Morning walk & talks     - Hiking group       - Celebrate Recovery Group

- Book Club          - Marriage groups

Through these groups you will undoubtedly connect with people in the church in new ways!

We always want to take time to point our attention to the Lord during these times together whether that's through studying the Word, discussion, or simply taking time to connect with each other and lifting up a word of prayer and praise.

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Once we recieve your form we'll get in touch with you soon to talk about what's next!

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Get in Touch

If you have any questions about current small groups please feel free to reach out through the contact page.

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